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The Shue Nam family

Tong lau, Yi O Farm Hut, and Sang Tai Ho

Mr. Chan Shue Nam, Veronica’s grandfather came to Hong Kong from Xin Hui, Canton. He founded Sang Tai Ho, a business that sold fabric. The locale of this business is a two-storey tong lau* situated at 60, Kat Hing Street, i.e. opposite Espace Elastique.

Typical of tong laus that erected in the 1930’s, the ground floor was used for retail whereas the upper floor was for residential use. The mixed Chinese-western architectural features of red-tiled pitched-roof and verandah, the original furniture and many artifacts that have survived the test of time have contributed to its recognition by the Antiquities and Monuments Office and obtained the status of second grade historical building.  A first phase of government subsidized restoration has completed in early 2017.

As the present tenant Yi O Farm Hut opens its doors during weekends, you are welcome to visit and learn more about the Chans’ family history. We have on display the artifacts, photos, story boards and video.

Shop house: typical architecture in south China and south-east Asia.