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Accessible alternative Hong Kong
Once you set foot outside the Hong Kong International Airport and the developed area of Tung Chung, it seems immediately like a world apart! From the north eastern coast of Lantau is gradually being developed to become part of the Hong Kong metropole, the rest of the island is a closed road area and one requires a special permit to navigate. Thanks to this measure, the air remains fresh and clean. With Lantau Peak as the leading summit among the rugged terrain and two vast, lush country parks, secluded Lantau Island is a first choice for escaping from the bustling down town and diving into an “alternative Hong Kong”.

The diverse natural environment of Lantau Island has so much to offer and a day trip is just too short to cover.

Tai o

Situated on the western shore of the Lantau Island, Tai O is the last living cultural and natural heritage of Hong Kong. Special architectural features like fishermen's tin houses constructed on stilts scatter alongside waterways named locally as "chung". Tai O was once a prosperous town given its favourable geographical location at the mouth of the Pearl River. Now as both agricultural and fishing activities are in decline, the abandoned salt pan and rice fields are overgrown with mangrove, providing suitable habitat for coastal marine life. Herons and egrets can be sighted from a short distance.


South Lantau Is laced with sandy beaches that stretches for kilometres at times. During the summer months, the south Lantau beaches are under the watch of life guards: Pui O, Tong Fuk, Upper and Lower Cheung Sha (Cheung Sha literally means long sand). Though they might not be the mecca of such water sports as kitesurfing, SUP boarding and kayaking, south Lantau is favoured by some enthusiasts as they are less crowded than other beaches in the Hong Kong territory.

Dragon Boat (Tuen Ng) Festival

Dragon Boat (Tuen Ng) Festival has significant meaning in Tai O, much similar to the importance for celebrating Bun Festival among the habitants in Cheung Chau. The Dragon Boat Festival used to be some three day long rituals that include parading temple gods along the waterways to bring blessings to the village. Now it is among the National list of intangible heritage and hence Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most celebrated occasions and the pride of the Tai O fishermen community.


South Lantau is one of the eight approved sites in Hong Kong for paragliders to take to the sky. One has to endure a sweaty hike to Pak Kung Au for the take off. Other than relying on your own muscle, take cable car between Tung Chung and Ngong Ping to take in the spectacular views from above!


Country parks and Lantau trails Being the largest outlying island in the territory, Lantau is an off-track destination for those who look to escape to an alternative Hong Kong. Lantau Island at large is protected by traffic restrictions and thus remains tranquil and green. Take up the challenge of walking the Lantau trails one section at a time! Conquer the rugged terrains so as to witness sunrise at Lantau Peak, or go for an easier option to contemplate picturesque sunset in Tai O. When not considering having your feet on the ground, do so on wheels and get your adrenaline pumped up on a mountain bike adventure.

For a spiritual journey, Lantau is never short of temples, monasteries and meditation centers.